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Aboriginal humpy stacker set


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Aboriginal humpy stacker set
Aboriginal humpy stacker set
Aboriginal humpy stacker set
Aboriginal humpy stacker set

This beautiful Aboriginal Australian Pilbara humpy display and play scape sets out to represent a camp setting, comprising of a family, Coolamon, tent (humpy), hunting equipment, and papoose fair trade felt fire.

Hunting is represented with the inclusion of a marine shell spear which in children's play can become a fishing line, walking stick or storytelling stick used to draw stories into sand. Fire is an essential element of every culture whether for cooking or warmth.

This is an extensive education set containing wooden figures, felt products, and marine shell.

It is made by fair trade artisans and Aboriginal pegs are painted by Indigeonous Australian artist Lavinia Bennell. 

The set includes 3 pegs dolls handpainted/ made by aboriginal artist Lavinia Bennell, a small coolomon for baby to lie in, a beautiful wooden humpy stacker to represent a humpy (tent), a shell spear, a felt fire and additional little peg doll made by me!

The Pilbara desert sandcape base is a beautiful textural playscape depicting rocks and sand, typically native to the Pilbara region in Western Australia.

It is made from Pilbara sand and marbled onto wood, such a unique piece!

3+ due to small parts

please note pegs and humpy sets are all unique, see options for different wood grain and peg dolls. All other aspects will be the same as the main photo. 

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